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Want a happy, healthy well trained dog throughout its life?

Based in Northern Ireland , Robin Bates Dog Training are committed to solving canine behaviour and training problems and also teaching dog owners and people working in the dog industry using good dog training practices.

Is your puppy jumping up, play biting and doesn't come back when called? Does it need to be taught to walk on a loose lead as well as being socialised?

Or do you have a dog over 6 months that is an adolescent, a rescued dog or an older dog that missed its puppy training and is an untrained dog?

Do you have an older dog in its twilight years and would like to do some gentle training to enhance its quality of life?

Have a look at one of our training videos to give you an example of how we teach.We only use reward based training and positive reinforcement.

Available Products

Happy Puppy (from 8 to 20 weeks)

Have you recently purchased a puppy? Positive experiences, proper socialisation and early learning will shape a dog’s life.

Do you want to learn what to do if your puppy is constantly jumping up, play biting or doesn't come back when called but in a way that you are positively rewarding not punishing it? Then this course is for you!

As with all our courses, we only use reward based training and positive reinforcement.

Adolescent (from 20 weeks)

Has your puppy become a terrible teen, or have you re-homed an older dog and would like to do some training?

Teach your adolescent dog (from 20 weeks) all the essential skills it needs. 

We only use reward based training and positive reinforcement.

Golden Oldies

Do you have an older dog-your own Golden Oldie? Life does not have to be dull for you dog just because it is older! This course is not so much about training but ways we can enhance the quality of life of your older dog.

As with all our courses we only use reward based training and positive reinforcement.

During the Summer of 2020, we donated all proceeds from this course to Lucy's Trust who undertake to help dogs who are in need of rehabilitation, care and treatment by providing sanctuary, treatment and protection on either a temporary or (if temperament difficulties dictate), a permanent basis.

Happy and Healthy Dog Society

Join My Happy and Healthy Dog Society 

Join a warm, friendly community of dog enthusiasts and get the support and guidance you need to make your dog happier and better behaved, and you a more confident dog parent!

My name is Robin Bates, I am a dog behaviourist and I recently celebrated 20 years in the dog industry and have been involved in every type of job around dog welfare from dog walker, to kennel owner to now trainer and owner of my own canine centre of excellence in Northern Ireland. Until January of this year I had 4 dogs and sadly 3 crossed the rainbow bridge so i just have Cooper who is an adolescent rescue Collie and a bundle of mischief! 

All training I provide, I use what is known as ‘Positive Reinforcement’ methods. This means that we encourage you to reward your dog for positive behaviour instead of punishing it for bad. We don't believe in harsh methods but want fun, easy training methods for the entire family.

I run face to face puppy socialisation and adult dog training classes take place in venues across Northern Ireland and am a Mantrailing Instructor for the Ballyclare and Newtownabbey areas. I am committed to animal welfare and I want to make sure what we are offering is right for your dog and its development needs at the time.

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